Walking London

30 months of living in London compressed to 30 seconds Please click to play.30 months of living in London compressed to 30 seconds.
Please click image to play.

Everyday walks and weekend strolls, all recorded thoroughly whenever I walked a part of the city for the first time. A screenshot saved by the end of each month led to this compact record that is summing up my exploration of ‘Walking London’.

Starting out from a Kensington hostel, job-hunting took me to various parts of the city. A soon after move to East London and my workplace at the Southbank led to a rapid coverage of the streets in between. Discovery tours on the weekends revealed further areas. When new routes were just about to dry out, a move to Camberwell opened up a new surrounding south of the River Thames.

London, U.K.


Author: Florian

Berlin & TallinnĀ 
Architect, Writer, Explorer, Metrokit Pioneer;
Has lived in: Braunschweig, Bremen, Liverpool, Vancouver, London, Moscow and now Tallinn.

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