Stitchwalking (through Moscow)

Ways of walking the city

‘Where am I going?’ is what I’m asking myself sometimes when I feel the desire to walk and explore. Over time I have tried various ways of inventing a destination. I am particularly interested to randomise the routes. Very often not the obvious trails are the most exciting. Be it in places new to me or places well known – I do not only want to see the recognized showpieces. Instead, I am more curious about average parts of town.
After relocating to Moscow I came up with this idea of ‘Stitchwalking’. Inspired by the process of sewing, where your stitches take turns in heading below ground and above ground, I wanted to do just the same. It immediately suggested itself to use the Metro for my moves underground, while walking the sections above ground.

Random Moscow

I simply started out with Line 1 of the Moscow Metro, again in an attempt to randomise and not make a selection. Line 1 however led me to a number of nice places. Starting out in Moscow’s rather quiet northeast, it led me through the busy area around Komsomolskaya and into the heart of the city. It also took me past the Luzhniki Stadium and across the Moskva river and deep into Moscow’s south, where my journey came to an end. I GPS-recorded my moves and took some pictures above and below ground to illustrate this trip and show what I found along the way.

Did you come up with other ways of route-finding? I am happy to hear and share.




Author: Florian

Berlin & Tallinn 
Architect, Writer, Explorer, Metrokit Pioneer;
Has lived in: Braunschweig, Bremen, Liverpool, Vancouver, London, Moscow and now Tallinn.

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