Palermo – Out on the street

One of the things that I think most attracts us to cities is the potential for the unexpected in our ‘on the street’ experience of them – chance, discovery, hidden places, sudden transformations or juxtapositions.

Italian cities in general tend to present multiple opportunities of this sort. In my experience the centre of Palermo in particular is ripe for unusual and surprising discoveries. It’s southerly latitude means that life is often lived out on the street. Modern technology sits side by side with the remains of each european culture to have passed through Palermo in the last 2,500 years. The historic centre around Quattro Canti contains a number of significant monuments, mixed in amongst a rich urban topography of blocks which demonstrate the hierarchy and variety of public settings typical of traditional european cities. Some areas are literally crumbling from neglect and lack of investment, yet the vibrancy and intensity of the street life is in contrast to the state of the masonry. These photos are some observations from a recent visit.


Author: Robert

Architect, living and working in London

I’m intererested in the different things which attract us to cities and urban life. And cycling

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