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20th December 2013

Hi everyone,

MK_news_catNot long ago, my mum sent me a picture of our cat back at home. The poor guy had just returned from the veterinarian. To protect the wound on his back from himself he had to wear one of these funnel-shaped collars around his neck. It left him stumbling clumsily from room to room, knocking at every doorframe and such. With this awkward thing on, he was robbed of all his elegance and agility.

A few weeks later, the same thing happened to, well … Moscow. While Central Europe was still untouched, winter had arrived very suddenly further east. Along came the plushy coats, the big hats and fur collar hoods. From one day to another, people were merely eyeing their own feet through the loopholes of their clothes. Everyone tiptoed across the icy pavements and around the piles of snow. And here too, everything slowed down. Winter tamed the characteristic rush and instead people cautiously maneuvered around one another.

MK_news_snowWhile everything around was starting to move more gradually, we picked up the pace and got metrokit going. The first weeks here took us to London, New Delhi, Moscow and Rome and we are very excited about all the places still to see and the things to come. Also, we are very happy to welcome three more people on board and are looking forward to share their ideas and work here on our platform.

In this section, we will keep you posted on any news about what’s happening around metrokit. We have also started to reach out to the world using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. And of course you are welcome to follow our RSS feed. There’s something for everyone.

And most important: We would very much like to hear from further places. So if you like it here and got yourself some stuff you like to show, we would be happy to hear from you. There are exciting times ahead.


Have some happy holidays and see you around,
Florian and the rest of the team

Before everyone starts asking now: The cat is fine again.


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