mythoi legein – An urban odyssey


Excerpts from my picture book “mythoi legein “. The story associatively¬†transforms some greek myths into an urban odyssey that takes place in New York City.

“Mythoi legein¬†(2011)“, 115 x 165 mm, 168 pages¬†


Author: Tobias

Illustrator and graphic-designer.
Currently lives and works in Eilum (Germany).
Loves train stations, country lanes, wandering and wondering

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2 thoughts on “mythoi legein – An urban odyssey

  1. Really beautiful and atmospheric drawings. A hint of a story
    leaving room for imagination. The title suggests something like ‘myths’ and ‘legend’. But what does it mean exactly and where does it come from?

  2. Hey Florian. “mythoi legein” (Greek) means something like “story telling” and the words are the sources for the term “mythology”. You captured my intentions quite well, the reader should find his own story, the “room for imagination” is important for me.
    The title refers to ancient myths, which were my “starting-point” for this project. But it has no special meaning concerning the content of the book.

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