Metrokit’s world map

Before I start I need to say that I was always really bad in physics! Therefore I’m really sorry if what I’m about to say might sound “unprofessional”.  When I drew the world map for Metrokit, the very first image that came to my mind was an electronic circuit, wich I think is very close to the idea behind the Metrokit project.

I believe that in terms of Metrokit each one of us is like an electronic component connected through a common interest for the city. We exchange flows of data and impulses to generate more interest in order to create a big pool of information. The combination of components and wires allow for various kinds of operations to be performed: impulses can be amplified, exchange of information can be performed and data can be moved from one place to another.

As already suggested, the people participating in Metrokit make up the components that create the basic structure for my variation of the world map. Each component has its own function, characteristic and viewpoint – all connected by conductive wires or traces through which the inspirational current of information can flow and be exchanged. Some of us like to travel and experience many different places through movement. Others stay in one spot and are focused on the change and movement that is taking place in that particular spot.  Then there are those who technically never travel but are always on the go – such components go to a place and dwell instead of visiting before taking on the next stop.

Some parts of this circuitry are connected through certain segments that hold specific input together. In various media segments, discrete experiences can be amplified, urban findings and impressions can be outlined and exchanged while being accesible to all components at any time. This way we are all conductors, transistors and capacitors at the same time, we hold a finished circuit that remains open for more components to be integrated and more data to be interconnected.






Author: Giuliana

Hello! I'm an Architect - whatever. I was born in Sardinia, where I spent 23 years of my life. Then I lived for a while in Spain - which I liked, before leaving for Germany, where I'm still doing stuff.

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