looking east to 2012


In 2012 I was fortunate enough to have a privileged view over the Olympic Park from my flat in East London. I wanted to show the build-up to the Olympics and took daily photos, at random times, random intervals from early March until the day before the Opening Ceremony in late July. Beside the progress and happenings around the Olympic Stadium, from the wrap being completed, numerous lighting and sound tests to the final rehearsal, I wanted to capture the surprisingly unaffected life of the city around it: the never-ending flow of cars on the A12, local enterprises going on with their business, illuminated trains making their way through the Lea valley, the dynamics of the city lights. But above all, most striking for me was the constant change of the sky, the sheer endless number of cloud formations, the shifting movement of the sun and seeing the trees gradually turning from bare to lush green.



Author: Sarah

living and working in London,
grew up in Hamburg, lived in Braunschweig, Fort Worth TX and Valencia

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