Flashback – door to door

Come along cruising the city streets in google streetview. In flashback I revisited all the places where I used to live over the past ten years.

This video-collage takes you straight from door to door through Bremen, Liverpool, Vancouver, London, Berlin and Moscow. Having moved a lot in recent years, this is an attempt to condense my memories of various places into one piece of work. I did something similar when creating my autobiographic map. In both cases, having all these places alongside one another reveals their different nature and character. In this video clip the rushed image sequences resemble the sometimes fleeting mories. It is not so much about detail. Instead it is an attempt to reflect the temper of those streets and areas once home to me.

Very often the places we live in seem random and charmless to us. If we contrast them, they come to life again.



Author: Florian

Berlin & TallinnĀ 
Architect, Writer, Explorer, Metrokit Pioneer;
Has lived in: Braunschweig, Bremen, Liverpool, Vancouver, London, Moscow and now Tallinn.

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