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Layout_MK_Admin1 Florian Gottschalk
General admin, concept and website maintenance

His work as an architect took Florian to a number different cities. Over those years the idea for metrokit took shape. Besides doing a lot of donkeywork behind this website, Florian keeps doing what he likes most: Exploring cities.

Email: florian(at)


Layout_MK_AdmGiuGiuliana Moretti
Concept and graphic design

Having lived in various places in Italy, Spain and Germany, Giuliana has become a true metrocitizen. From the first hour on, she has been a driving force behind our concept. Giuliana also does the graphic design for metrokit and created its neat look.

Email: giuliana(at)


Layout_MK_Icon_ContTobias Meyer
Design of the platform and general admin

Originating from a professional background in illustration and graphic design, Tobias’ conceptions greatly brought forth our ideas behind metrokit. By setting up this website, Tobias put these ideas into shape. In addition to his commitment for our showcase here, he likes to use it himself to share his illustrations with us.

Email: tobias(at)


Layout_MK_AdmJanJan Tredop
Graphic design and conceptual design

Calling design and marketing his professional home, Jan is providing an expert view in the making of metrokit. He continues to contribute greatly to our overall appearance. Being a true global player himself, Jan firmly believes in the idea of networking.

Email: jan(at)


Layout_MK_AdmAdrianAdrian Steckeweh
Think tank and enthusiast

Being a student in architecture has taken Adrian to many different places. For metrokit he is a consistant source of inspiration and ideas. His scrutiny and his propositions have proven vital in shaping metrokit .

Email: adrian(at)