Autobiographic map

This map is an autobiographic collage of all the cities I have lived in so far. Starting out from the German city of Braunschweig, I moved on to Bremen, Liverpool in the U.K. and then Vancouver in Canada. After returning to Europe I spend some years in both London and Berlin.
Of any of those places I have fond memories. This resulted in the idea to make a map bringing all those places together in order to create my very personal ideal place.

The wider area of Braunschweig, where I grew up and where my story begins is located in the center of the map. The cities Vancouver and Liverpool, both being located at the west-coast of their countries find themselves to the left, amalgamating their coastlines. The estuaries of the rivers Dee, Mersey and Fraser feed an imaginary sea in which my favorite day out destination ‘Bowen Island’ can be found. The contrast in between the North American street grid and the one of Liverpool, grown like tree rings over time is clearly visible. Liverpools footprint however resembles the one of Bremen. Having once been important port cities, they both stretch out in a rather longish shape along their respective rivers. The to scale map also shows the sheer vastness of London, located in the top right corner. Berlins covered area, which is situated below, is significantly smaller. The close proximity of forests and lakes on the western and eastern fringes of the city is striking.

So on this map rivers meet and highways feed into the autobahn. Suburbs blend into each another and most important: All these places are close together.
I could go for a swim at Vancouvers Jericho Beach and eat chips in Liverpools Lark Lane. Then visit my friends at the ‘Schlachte’ in Bremen on the way of going to see my family near Braunschweig. I could go for a pint in Londons Star of Bethnal Green and then head home to my cozy place in Berlin all in one exciting day. AndĀ  sometimes I do – with the finger on this map.


Author: Florian

Berlin & TallinnĀ 
Architect, Writer, Explorer, Metrokit Pioneer;
Has lived in: Braunschweig, Bremen, Liverpool, Vancouver, London, Moscow and now Tallinn.

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