‘A platform for all inspired by the city’ is what we say in our headline in an attempt to sum up our ideas behind metrokit.

The interest in and passion for the city is what we see as the common thread for everyone involved or interested. The city we see as our source of inspiration. The outcome, be it drawn, written or whatever you imagine, is showcased here on the metrokit website. metrokit however is more than just an online showcase. Beyond that, it functions as a collection and a network. It enables exchange and the opportunity to join forces. metrokit allows us to reach out to the far end of our planet in order to find like-minded urbanites and see what they create. We can see contacts made here result in joint exhibitions or publications. Authors and contributors have the opportunity to present themselves within their biography and link to their personal websites.

Besides the pieces of work shown in the posts, we also inform about interesting stuff going on in our news section. Furthermore we will initiate some calls for ideas here on special occasions. Metrokit is not particularly directed at people with a professional background linked to the urban life. It is aims to encourage everyone with a liking for the urban environment. The doors are open.



>> The team behind creating metrokit.